Samus kit is finally done!
And so I thought I'd return and do a 'as it happened' special as part of my Saturday Project series that has since gone kinda defunct...

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The bit I'm most happy about - something I'd planned from (near) the start...
I painted the clear green parts with fluorescent green paint for a special reason...


What ya'll think? 8D

Kind of here, kind of not...

Hi friends.

I'm still here.

But I am going away.

To Bendigo I'll go.

and if I don't return.

Please know I say this in jest.

For I have my life ahead of me.

this trip will RAWK.

Why? Daz is coming along.

We're going to have a rawkin' tine 8D

I have this on my desk.

I intend to get lost.

Like in the recent past - going on runs has helped me get lost.

Helped me find me.

I'm going to mainly be online elsewhere on the internet now...

Maybe you can find me...

I'll be there.

With less carriage returns too...

But I will be here to post art.

You shall hear from me soon...

Today was great...

I did the things I had to do...

I made the calls I had to make...

The day is complete.

Good night...

I can has prz?

I am on a big Metroid high right now.

GOing to buy Other M tomorrow and i'm still trying to figure out how best to integrate a head into the Samus helmet that's from the Samus kit that I've been working on before I finish it off - but yeah - essentially I'm really excited about all things Metroidy and Samusy again. :3

Here's something that I'm also really keen on:

I think this design is the quintessential - the classic - the iconic - look for Samus' gunship - just like how the Samus kit I have is the iconic look for Samus too!
Cheapest one I can find is here :o

Looks fuckin' brill, and I think the only thing stopping me at the mo is I want to do a size comparison with the Samus from the kit... :S Cause if it could work out as 'in-scale' that'd be PERFECT... if not, it's still OK... but expensive though...

uh oh...

I have unfortunately/fortunately started a new collection...

With Metroid Other M almost here - after seeing trailers and the like I thought I'd get me some Halo figures to go with the Samus Garage Kit I've been slowly slowly assembling... Samus is a tad tall - but they still look great together... :3

I kind of am trying to find the right colour scheme and design so that I can repaint most of the Halo random spartans into the random troops in Metroid...

Yeah - I think they look great together...

By the way... was I talking to anyone about the Bermuda Triangle? I was talking to mon tonight briefly about this - but I know I was talking to SOMEONE about the Bermuda triangle in recent months -who was it though!?

Impatience and expectations

Dammit. I didn't bring my new set of contacts with me today. As much as I hated them yesterday (I tossed the old pair out and intended to try the new pair today) I just really wanted to use the new pair to see how I would fare. Dangit!!!!

In other me ness I keep finding myself back at this point in my life where I have seen the same thing.. Like they say you know, weeds that crop up in new and exciting varieties. OTL
What I'm referring to is expectations and not wanting to be the only one making an effort. Consequence of my annoyance is that I withdraw into my shell and be less sociable. One of th biggest complains in th pastthat I had was me and organizing things. I had had pretty much enough of being the initiator and organizing those group lunches we had. Ditto with other friendy occassions. What's happened since then? Wow. I don't hang put with many people anymore.

Friend count minus.

Critical hit.

Edit: worst thing of course is I let it meansonething about what I'm worth to others.

And of course since then more and more I find this kind of thing popping up. Where do I go from here. Thoughts advice and opinions please?
The world according to you?

(no subjeckt!)

Today I woke up got ready and was going to catch the bus. As I was running for it, I had left a minute or so later than usual y'see, I didn't notice my current favorite hat had flown off the top of my head and onto the floor behind me. (being some ridiculous low temperature this morning- colder than yesterday for sure) I had my beanie on, THEN the hat over it. SMART. Only as I was sitting down and taking me hats off (I had SPRINTED carrying something between an additional ten and twenty kilos across my two bags so I was understandably chuffed) did I notice it wasn't on my head. Heh. I got off the next stop and walked back to my hat, then made my way across three blocks to the tram stop instead. And here I am on the tram now. Phew. Between losing my hat and being later for work I know what I'm going to go for. :D
Good morning world. I hope you're well!
Now just shut up and kiss me!

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