albie (lcz128) wrote,

Impatience and expectations

Dammit. I didn't bring my new set of contacts with me today. As much as I hated them yesterday (I tossed the old pair out and intended to try the new pair today) I just really wanted to use the new pair to see how I would fare. Dangit!!!!

In other me ness I keep finding myself back at this point in my life where I have seen the same thing.. Like they say you know, weeds that crop up in new and exciting varieties. OTL
What I'm referring to is expectations and not wanting to be the only one making an effort. Consequence of my annoyance is that I withdraw into my shell and be less sociable. One of th biggest complains in th pastthat I had was me and organizing things. I had had pretty much enough of being the initiator and organizing those group lunches we had. Ditto with other friendy occassions. What's happened since then? Wow. I don't hang put with many people anymore.

Friend count minus.

Critical hit.

Edit: worst thing of course is I let it meansonething about what I'm worth to others.

And of course since then more and more I find this kind of thing popping up. Where do I go from here. Thoughts advice and opinions please?
The world according to you?
Tags: life

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